Hake Rigging

With nearly a century of experience there's a reason we're still around!

Proudly serving our customers for over 90 years, Hake Rigging has established the best reputation throughout the engineered rigging and heavy transport industry. Companies have long trusted Hake to move massive equipment and cargo in and between factories, power plants, refineries, and construction sites.

Hake Rigging Company has the capabilities to finish any rigging or transportation jobs.

If you have a colossal job, we have the tools and expertise to finish it quickly and safely. Listed below are just a few common projects that Hake takes on:

  • Nuclear feedwater heater replacements and critical path schedule reduction
  • Transformer transports from the port of entry to the power plant
  • Operated heavy crane rentals for the energy and refining markets
  • Accelerated bridge construction
  • Heavy civil construction
  • Rail and barge transportation and logistics
  • Heavy lift cranes, modular lift towers, and alternative lifting for congested job sites
  • Industrial maintenance
  • And much, much more!

To see a comprehensive list of our services and tools, check out our Capabilities and Equipment.

Minds Over Matter.

Not only do we provide all the equipment and services necessary to transport transformers, feedwater heaters, bridges, and the like, we plan out all the logistics for you and provide in-house engineering to speed up the job or make it easier and safe.

Safety first, but speedy finishes aren't far behind.

In addition to providing our engineers and logistics to your benefit and peace of mind, we have also maintained one of the best safety records in the nation over our company's long, reputable history. When Hake Rigging became a division of Barnhart Crane & Rigging Company, our proud reputation only got better as we now share a remarkable safety record with another one of the nation's most safety-focused companies.


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