Hake Rigging


Our capabilities include:

Custom Rigging Solutions

Heavy rigging requires a combination of the right equipment and skilled, experienced project personnel. HAKE's wide range of specialized equipment and experienced engineers, project managers and field supervisors enable us to handle virtually any type of heavy lift or move.

Alternate Lifting Equipment

Lift Tower

The HAKE lift tower system has been used in a variety of applications where heavy lift cranes are not economical or not even possible. The structural lift tower can be assembled in a variety of configurations to meet lifting needs in many industrial applications. With standard capacity to more than 600 tons, it provides economical lifting power in tight spaces.

Strand Lift System

Strand jacks provide lifting power in small packages. Whether combined with the lift tower or used independently, they provide a reliable and efficient means of hoisting.

As with everything we do, the strand jacks are backed by innovative engineering and years of experience. This combination ensures that the best solution is brought to the table.

Hydraulic Gantry & Skidding Systems

Tools such as hydraulic gantry, skidding systems, climbing jacks and other unique tools allow us find a solution to meet your need. Even if we don't have the perfect tool, we have the capability to design and fabricate a custom solution. But tools are not enough; the people of HAKE make the difference.

Heavy Moving and Transportation

HAKE can handle the site or road transportation of virtually any type of equipment, heavy machinery or vessels. We specialize in the engineered transportation of oversized components. Platform transporters, bridge crossing systems, hydraulic dolly combinations and advanced equipment allow our team of engineers to develop a transportation solution that will save your project time and money.

By providing experienced personnel to develop and direct your heavy move, HAKE ensures that projects are completed safely and successfully.

Barge & Rail Logistics

When equipment can't go by road HAKE can provide the logistics service to move heavy equipment by water or rail. With years of experience in both heavy deck barge operations and over-dimension rail, we can find the best means to make the move anywhere in the country.