Hake Rigging

Safety isn't just part of the job. It's a mindset!

Your project is far too important to leave to chance, and that's our foremost concern when it comes to safety. At Hake Rigging Company, we don't treat safety as an afterthought or a necessary inconvenience. We engineer it into each and every project we undertake from the very beginning. Simply put, if the job isn't done with safety at the forefront, it's being done wrong.

What's more, our dedication to safety extends throughout every stage of the project. Here are just a few of the ways Hake strives for safety in all parts of the project.

  • Field Feedback. Hake conduct weekly safety meetings, in addition to assembling a safety committee for meetings each month, so that all employees have the chance to provide input on safety. Furthermore, Hake gives a job hazard analysis (J.H.A.), also know as the toolbox talk, before ever shift to highlight safety concerns.
  • Thorough Training. Safety training takes place on three different levels. First, all workers must undergo official O.S.H.A. training and meet full O.S.H.A. compliance. Secondly, Hake's parent company, Barnhart Crane & Rigging Co., provides in-house training with a full training facility in the Memphis headquarters. And finally, all employees receive on-the-job training through mentorships with more experienced staff.
  • Qual-Card System. Every piece of equipment requires a Qual-Card to be operated. All operators must undergo the mandatory written and operational training to obtain the card.
  • Management Audit. Hake has created a continuous improvement card system to record, analyze, and avoid accidents, near-misses, and other safety concerns.

Work Hard. Work Safe. Work Hake Safe!